29 November 2018

Labor urges the Morrison Government to think twice before scrapping grocery unit pricing.

Every day, in supermarkets across the country, Australians use grocery unit pricing to help them make important household budgeting decisions.

Grocery unit pricing let’s shoppers see how much something costs per unit measure (e.g. 100g or 100ml), which they can use to compare different brands or different sizes of a product.

It’s a simple idea, but it’s a powerful one.

It means Australian consumers can answer important questions like: “Is it cheaper for me to buy 1kg or rice or 5kgs? Which brand of tomato sauce is the best value? Is the bigger tin of baked beans really worth my money?”

As Consumer Affairs Minister, Chris Bowen and the Labor Government introduced grocery unit pricing to encourage price competition and make it quicker and easier for consumers to compare the price value of products – this is exactly what the policy has been doing for almost a decade.

Labor also encourages members of the public to tell the Morrison Government what they think of grocery unit pricing, by filling out a short consumer survey or by making a submission to the Treasury discussion paper.

Labor is calling the Morrison Government to save this policy and protect the interests of Australians at the supermarket