03 October 2018

The Morrison Government must act swiftly to reassure consumers about the quality of honey in Australia.

Following the shocking results of a Macquarie University study, the Government must urgently review the Australian standard being used to detect fake honey additives, such as rice and beet syrups, in local and foreign honey.

The Macquarie University study found that almost one in five Australian-branded honey samples were adulterated and mixed with other substances.

People should be outraged to find that the samples being sold on Australian supermarket shelves are not actually honey.

Not only are consumers not getting what they paid for when they go to the shops to buy honey – researchers have warned that consumers buying “blended honey” may be exposed to “antibiotics, toxins… or even alkaloids” that can have serious health impacts. It is extremely concerning that Australian consumers are being put at risk.

If consumers do not have confidence in Australian honey, the honey industry will suffer – there will be less beekeepers and, as a result, less honeybees. Less honeybees means less pollination of crops and this could be devastating to the Australian agricultural industry. Two-thirds of all horticultural and agricultural crops need honeybees for optimal pollination

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert has known about this issue for a month, but remains silent. The longer he waits to take action, the longer Australian consumers will be misled.

If the Government continues to let honey launderers taint our industry, the integrity and reputation of the Australia’s honey industry – regarded as one of the best in the world – could face irreparable damage.